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Hi, I'm Angie Patterson, a professional photographer who is passionate about teaching beginners about photography, basic camera settings and more!

My goal is to make photography fun, easy and enjoyable without overwhelming you with too much technical know-how. Come learn with me!

Making Photography Easy and Fun

By Angie Patterson


Are you new to photography? Confused by the buttons and dials on your camera? Do you want to get to the enjoyment of taking photos without having to know all the technical details? This book is for you!

Available in eBook and Paperback formats.


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Photography is meant to be fun for you!

Sometimes, though, there are challenges in the way of your goals. Maybe you are…

Confused by the technical photography jargon.

Frustrated because your photos don't turn out how you envision.

Overwhelmed at the thought of understanding your camera and photography.

Unsure about how to get started, and your camera is stuffed away in the original box because you’re intimidated.

I've experienced my fair share of frustrations and overwhelms, and that's why I'm here to help you.

About Angie Patterson

A long time ago, or so it seems, the seven-year-old me received a "Snappy" camera from my Grandma. Grandma knew something I didn't, and thanks to her, a life-long passion was born.

There was rarely a time when my camera wasn't far away. I considered numerous subjects to be fair game, my stuffed animals, landscape, animals, nature, siblings, and years later, a usually willing family. My dad was the perfect co-adventurer with his simple film camera and me with mine.

Fast-forward to 2002. I'm feeling the exhilaration of finally owning my first "good" film camera. Soon, however, excitement gives way to apprehension, and this contrasting world of photography emerged. I stared in total confusion at the buttons and dials.

"Now what?" I thought, and "what's this?"

10 Photography Terms Demystified

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