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Hoar Frost

Hoar Frost As photographers, one of the challenges is whether we will stop long enough to take photographs. Of course, we plan to and assure ourselves that we will, but sometimes we say to ourselves, “next time.” Have you noticed how next time does not wait for us? The situation varies, the lighting changes, it is inconvenient, what will people think, and those precious moments slip past the camera tucked away in the bag, making us a wee bit nostalgic. That almost happened with these hoar frost images on the kitchen window. The reason it did not is that I decided to act instead...

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Mule Deer Fawns

Mule Deer Fawns I barely believed my luck when this scene unfolded in plain view! What a vacation, relaxing, breathing fresh mountain air surrounded by nature and wildlife. Camping offers many benefits, and two of my favourites are enjoying wildlife in their natural surroundings and taking photos. Mule deer frequented this area, and what a joy to watch the adults going about their day. Aware of calving season, this always meant being on the lookout, staying a respectful distance away as both visitors and wildlife share the park. On this day, I wasn’t thinking about a photo opportunity....

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Wasp and the Grape

The Wasp & the Grape “Shoo, get away, lookout, a wasp, is buzzing around!” In the flash of a second, I transformed from peacefully soaking up the summer rays of sunshine to the frenzy of scrambling out of my chair as a wasp dive-bombed my delicious snack of grapes. Dashing to the safety of my house, I slammed the door shut, and at that moment, a flash of insight hit me. “Use the opportunity for a photo-shoot; the wasp is after the grape, not me.” Hmmm, okay! I wasn’t about to charge out there and agitate the wasp, so I came up with a plan. As with all photography,...

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